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In Kabal Factory we are dedicated to the production of habanero pepper, which is why we chose a privileged area for this crop in the Yucatan Peninsula.

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The Kabal Factory quality control team has the highest knowledge and standards and continues to train and educate our associates about the latest developments and best practices to select the best Habanero Pepper with the best quality.


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We are the only agricultural company dedicated to the production of habanero pepper for export in the country.

We produce vegetables with the best quality standards, reliable and safe for human consumption. Our mission is to be the largest producer in the world of Chile Pepper grown in greenhouses with the best technology.

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Our Main Goals

High quality

Produce a high quality product, using excellent inputs and care in production, safety and good practices.

High efficiency

Focus on high efficiency work interconnected with technology.

International Certifications

We have a team dedicated to food safety, as well as various certifications that involve extensive monitoring.


Our facilities meet the standards for international trade.

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